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At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we handle litigation defense for government entities. We represent all levels of state government (city, county, and state), as well as various agencies and departments. Litigation defense for government entities is rather complicated. Funding can be quite limited, and the defendant must walk a tightrope between resolving the case efficiently while discouraging similarly-situated plaintiffs from pursuing litigation. It’s important that you work with a firm that has demonstrated experience at a high level.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators with a long and impressive resume. Since 2012 alone, we have handled four cases before the Florida Supreme Court and have tried many federal cases as well. Compared to other firms of the same size, we try many more cases to conclusion, giving us a significant advantage in difficult disputes.

At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we have statewide reach. In fact, we chose to locate our firm in Orlando so that we could more easily access courts throughout the state. If you’d like to discuss your case in detail with our team, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Comprehensive Litigation Defense for Government Entities

We handle both government-specific issues (i.e., constitutional law issues, civil rights violations, jail and prison-related lawsuits, etc.) and general litigation defense (i.e., personal injury claims, employment claims, etc.) on behalf of government entities throughout the state of Florida.

Client-Specific Insights

We are deeply committed to serving our clients’ interests and helping them achieve an excellent result. In fact, in the government litigation context, we do not generally handle cases that are opposed to the government.

This client-oriented mentality is not a marketing ploy or a simple ethical statement. We believe that it is fundamental to how we provide legal representation. We integrate closely with our clients from the start, developing a collaborative partnership in which transparent communication is encouraged. By developing this open and highly-engaged relationship with the client, we gain many client-specific insights. Simply put, our attorneys learn the unique challenges faced by our government entity clients — their objectives, concerns, and limitations.

With this information in hand, we can more capably represent the client. We can put forth creative solutions that are well-suited to the client’s overall goals (and not narrowly tailored to the legal issue).

Contact O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC for Legal Assistance

Government entities often find themselves subject to litigation, and though it is common to paint those plaintiffs as “greedy” litigants who lack a legitimate basis for bringing the underlying lawsuit, many government disputes feature complex arguments and are based on a solid factual foundation. To successfully defend against such claims, you will have to secure creative, sophisticated legal representation.

We can provide the defense assistance you need to avoid liability, and to do so efficiently and with minimal disruption to operational affairs. At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, our team has built a century-old reputation as effective litigators who understand their clients and are comfortable navigating complex disputes — in the government litigation context and otherwise.

If you’d like to learn more about your case and how we can help, call 407-843-2100 or contact us through our website. We look forward to working with you.