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At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we are frequently retained on insurance policies (i.e, general liability, homeowners, etc.) to represent a company’s insureds, though we are also brought in to defend insurance companies directly against first-party disputes based on coverage issues.

Effective insurance defense representation requires sophisticated, detail-oriented advocacy. We do not believe in taking on a large volume of cases and thereby diluting the quality of representation — instead, we invest our resources into each case so that we can maximize our clients’ successes.

Providing Comprehensive Representation to Insureds

We provide representation to insureds and insurance companies in a variety of cases and featuring all types of insurance claims — general liability, home, life, asset, and more. Our insurance defense practice includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Third-Party Claims (brought against the insured)
    • Personal injury
    • Property damage
    • Medical malpractice
    • Automobile negligence
    • Premises liability
    • Bad faith litigation
    • Construction disputes
    • Real estate disputes
    • Coverage disputes
    • Unfair competition
    • Business Torts
  • First-Party Claims (brought against the insurance company)
    • Coverage opinions
    • Direct coverage litigation
    • And more

Experience with Both Sides of a Dispute

We primarily handle civil defense claims, but not exclusively. Our attorneys routinely assist clients with plaintiff’s-side litigation, and we have built an industry-wide reputation in Florida as aggressive litigators who are willing and able to try a case to conclusion.

We have substantially more experience trying cases and handling appeals than other firms of the same size, and have done so at a high level. Since 2012, we have had four cases at the Florida state supreme court and have tried numerous federal cases. Our civil jury trial experience numbers in the hundreds (per attorney).

Simply put, we are seasoned litigators who do not shy away from a difficult dispute. At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, our sizable experience on both sides of a dispute has given us unique insight into what is necessary to successfully resolve the conflict in a way that satisfies our client’s objectives.

Contact O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC for Immediate Assistance

Insurance defense litigation demands efficient representation that is focused on achieving practical results for the client. At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we understand the pressures that insurance companies face from a financial perspective and invest significant time, attention, and resources into each of our client relationships so that we can better understand how to serve their interests — legal and business.

We do not specialize in a limited subset of claims, which gives us a competitive advantage when representing clients in a diverse range of disputes. We maintain a broad litigation practice that has made us particularly well-equipped to handle the variety of disputes impacting insurance companies (and their insureds), in Florida and elsewhere.

If you or an insured client is being sued in a first-party or third-party claim, or some other insurance-based litigation, we can provide comprehensive assistance. Please call 407-843-2100 or send us a message through our website to connect to one of our experienced attorneys.