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Though product defect-related injuries are common, and though manufacturers (and others in the chain of distribution) must accept such disputes as a routine aspect of their business, a particularly egregious injury could lead to a lawsuit that seriously damages the brand and overall reputation of the business. Given the high stakes nature of product liability cases, it’s important that manufacturers seek the assistance of a qualified team of attorneys who can provide truly comprehensive, client-oriented legal service.

At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, our expertise has been developed over nearly a century of legal advocacy. We regularly represent both defendants and plaintiffs in challenging product liability disputes, and have effectively served their interests at every stage of litigation, from pre-trial negotiations to courtroom advocacy.

Comprehensive Representation

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the personal injury context, from pre-trial processes through trial and appeal. As such, our work in product liability litigation is informed by a significantly broader view of civil litigation in general, and by the insights gained from representing clients on the other side of a dispute.

We believe that effective representation — particularly in product defect cases — is dependent on a detail-oriented advocacy that is considerate of the client’s personal and business interests. Given that manufacturers can potentially be held liable for any actual, injury-causing product defect, they must be careful to minimize their legal costs. At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we pride ourselves on our collaborative team approach to handling a legal matter. We staff our cases so that attorneys with specific experience litigating same or similar matters are on-hand to guide the case. This maximizes our effectiveness and our efficiency.

Too often, plaintiffs litigate “borderline” cases against manufacturers in the hopes that they can convince the manufacturer to settle the case instead of fighting it. As product liability attorneys, we are capable litigators who have tried hundreds of civil jury trials and settled thousands of cases. We have also handled numerous appeals, several of which have been argued before the Florida Supreme Court.

Our litigation readiness gives us a substantial advantage when handling a product liability dispute. Neither plaintiffs nor defendants can intimidate our clients into negotiating an unfair settlement, as we are willing and able to try a case to conclusion. This aggressive mindset towards litigation allows us to exercise additional leverage during negotiations.

Contact O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC for Guidance

In Florida (and in other jurisdictions), manufacturers are placed at a distinct disadvantage with respect to product defect liability, thanks in large part to the application of strict liability principles. It’s therefore critical that you work with a team of experienced attorneys who understand how to effectively navigate the complexities of a product dispute and secure a favorable result.

Call 407-843-2100 or send an online message to our team at O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC for sophisticated guidance on how to proceed with your product liability case. We look forward to assisting you.