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Experienced & Dedicated


We believe that long-term partnerships illustrate our commitment to clients and their best interests.

O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC is an Orlando-based civil litigation firm with a broad practice advocating in a range of complex disputes throughout Florida. Unlike many of our competitors, our legal “lineage” dates back to the 1920s — in fact, some of our clients have partnered with us and our predecessors for nearly a century. We believe that long-term partnerships illustrate our commitment to clients and their best interests. We are loyal to our clients, and in turn, our clients have chosen to continue working with us over many decades, no matter how much the market changes.

Our services include personal injury and construction litigation, as well as claims in the areas of commercial litigation, government and civil rights litigation, insurance matters, and professional liability. We represent a variety of clients, from individuals to large institutions, through trial and appeal.


Services include personal injury and construction litigation, as well as of claims in the areas of commercial litigation, government and civil rights litigation.


Our team of experienced attorneys help clients resolve a wide array of legal problems in the following areas:


Following trial or summary judgment, it is common for one or sometimes both sides to be unhappy with the results. Our appellate department has extensive experience navigating the complexities of review at the next level, whether it involves a case tried by our firm or outside counsel.

Civil Rights Litigation

We defend the government (i.e., local police departments and state agencies, among other stakeholders) in a range of civil rights disputes, such as police brutality lawsuits and prison-related lawsuits. We do not represent claimants in civil rights disputes opposed to government interests.

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in complex commercial litigation, such as contract disputes, business disputes, shareholder derivative cases, intellectual property disputes, and debt collection matters.

Construction Litigation

Construction defect claims comprise a significant portion of our construction litigation practice, and we also handle lien claims, delay claims, and various other types of construction-related claims.

Government Litigation

We handle government-specific issues and general litigation defense for city, county, and state entities, including police departments and other agencies, in disputes that involve civil rights, employment issues, and personal injury claims, among others.

Insurance Defense

At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we are retained by insurance companies to represent their insureds or the carrier directly. We are frequently retained on general liability and homeowners’ policies, though we handle all types of insurance claims, including life and asset insurance.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

We primarily handle defense work in personal injury and wrongful death matters, but we are not limited to defense — in fact, we accept plaintiff’s-side representation, and the breadth and depth of our experiences have given us the tools necessary to effectively advocate for either side.

Products Liability

We regularly handle cases involving product-related injuries, and have been involved in complex product defect litigation — in Florida and at the national level — in cases turning on sophisticated engineering issues. At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we coordinate with trusted experts to provide the insight and testimony we need to successfully navigate such disputes.

Professional Liability

We handle administrative proceedings (including license challenges) as well as civil litigation in a range of professional liability disputes, such as medical malpractice, legal malpractice, and other litigation based on the violation of a professional standard of care.

Transportation Litigation

We routinely represent both commercial carriers (i.e. trucking companies, airlines, bus companies, etc.) and injured plaintiffs in specialized personal injury litigation centered around a transportation dispute. These cases may involve unique issues, such as common carrier liability, and as such require careful consideration when attempting to construct a favorable litigation strategy.


We are highly experienced trial attorneys who have tried hundreds of civil jury trials and settled thousands of cases over the years. We try many cases to conclusion — far more than other firms of comparable size. We also handle more appeals than firms of comparable size, as we have the capability to litigate cases at the highest level, in fact, since our founding in 2012, we have litigated four different cases at the Florida Supreme Court.

The reality is that many litigation firms do not actually try a lot of cases. Our ability and willingness to try a case to conclusion therefore gives us a significant competitive advantage. We often secure a favorable result for clients at trial, but in many disputes, our reputation as aggressive litigators give us additional leverage during settlement negotiations — opposing counsel must be careful to negotiate a fair settlement offer as we have demonstrated experience pursuing a case all the way through to trial.


We adopt a collaborative team approach when handling a given legal matter. As a smaller litigation firm, we staff intelligently and are willing to commit attorney attention to a matter when their substantive experience could clarify complicated issues in the case. This collaborative approach enables us to share insights gained by individual attorneys from past representations, thus maximizing our efficiency (time, cost, and effectiveness).

This commitment to a collaborative approach applies to our relationship with clients, too. We see our clients as partners, and not simply customers. As partners, we believe that our clients benefit from a communicative and transparent relationship with our firm. We engage closely with the client from the beginning to better understand their goals, needs, and limitations, and to ensure that their questions and concerns are handled in a responsive manner.


Effective litigation is detail-oriented. We invest significant time, attention, and resources into each case, as we understand that the success of a given case may depend on factual and legal details that initially seem to be of minimal importance.

Complex litigation may involve a high volume of evidence (i.e., reams and reams of documentation). At O’Connor & O’Connor, LLC, we utilize state of the art software and research tools to more efficiently and effectively evaluate the evidence in a given dispute, and to organize it beneficially. We are committed to the use of technological aids to further enhance the client’s likelihood of success. Our firm is always on the lookout for creative solutions to difficult problems, whether in the legal context, or even in the administrative context — this willingness to “experiment” has enabled us to remain on the cutting-edge of legal representation despite our boutique size.


Our Firm

See what makes us unique.

Our experienced trial attorneys have the capability to litigate cases at the highest level.

We get Results

The firm is most proud of its trial record and results but is also mindful of clients’ desire to utilize alternative dispute resolution techniques and other cost control measures.


Our firm’s mission is to service our clients with a tireless commitment to the highest ethics, efficiency in staffing and management of each matter, offering experienced and well-grounded legal recommendations while producing positive results.


We value our ongoing client relationships and respond to each challenge by bringing our best talents, skill, and experience to each new matter we receive.


We partner with our clients to develop cost-effective budgets and sound legal strategies to bring about a positive outcome and appropriate recovery or compensation where warranted.